Monica Ferguson, originally from Colombia, has more than 12 years of experience in the direction and operation of businesses in the beauty industry. With professional studies in physical rehabilitation, aesthetics, and nutrition, she has developed invaluable experience in the field of non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Her enormous desire was to bring her knowledge and the advanced technology in the cosmetic field in Colombia and other parts of South America to Los Angeles where they were relatively non-existent and paradoxically the indices of obesity and people overweight were so high. Seeing the necessity and feeling the frustration of the many people in their attempt to lose weight, resorting to whatever method they could find, while most being totally inefficient and inadequate, she knew she had to make SculptorBody™ available to the residents of California.

So in June of 2005, she opened the doors of the first Sculptor to the public. Thanks to the personalized services, the warm and relaxed atmosphere, a great staff, the quality and results of the treatments, Sculptor became an instant success. The satisfaction of the many clients that have changed their lives in a positive way, now looking and feeling better than ever has been her greatest reward.